The Dangers of Going to Discotheque


                In Indonesia, there are appearing the night clubs or discotheques as business work place especially in the city center. If you go to discotheque, you will get some fun there, because it has an infectious spirit of fun and freedom. Besides, we can also meet our friends and new people there. As usual, discotheques open at the night and moreover on Saturday night, they have more visitors. But unfortunately, they haves an extremely negative effect on teenagers’ moral, spiritual, and ethical development. Therefore, teenagers should avoid going to discotheque since there are some temptations that lead to immorality. Teenagers as young generation have to avoid the discotheque because of these following reasons.

Firstly, there are many alcoholic drinks. We do not know the discotheque where we visit has alcoholic beverages with except we have known from friends or others. And indirectly, it also influences their visitors who have a drink there. Youngster need to be aware of this condition and do not be affected to have an alcohol drink.   Every body  knows that it is not only bad for health but also forbidden by Islamic religion.

Secondly, discotheques are known as  place to circulate the illegal drugs. It is because of immediate access for consumer to various kinds of drugs. What a dangerous thing, right? Most commonly used drugs in discotheque are cocaine, marijuana, and ecstasy. Rightly, we must say no to illegal drugs when we are in the discotheque, even it is better  do not come there although we want to have fun or relieve fatigueand boredome from weekdays.

And the last reason is due to activities that lead to pre marital sex that ruin our bright future. Do you know what I mean? Some of the night clubs provide a space or environment that gives the chance to visitors to behave  immorally such as pre marital sex, nasty with boyfriend/girlfriend, and sexual openness. That is alarming us to be always guarded while we’re  there. Once we are in this situation, it becomes very hard to recist the temptation. And remember that we are still young and not suppose to ruin ourselves, because there are long ways to go.

Besides the reasons mention above, there are some bad effects of going to discotheque on health. As  know, at the discotheque, encounter alcoholic drinks resulted in disrupt  body metabolism and  get drunk. Furthermore,  drinking alcohol for a long time  destroys liver function. And then going to discotheque can create addiction. We will be addicted to come again and again to discotheque.  Beside it also create unhealthy friendship. How it could happen? Teenagers who come into discotheque, absolutely meet friends and new people there. The dangerous problem is if whether they have a new relation with good or  bad person.The first impression might be  benevolent, but if we still go there,  bit by bit our new friend  will affect us unconsciously. It isn’t wrong that we have to have a positive thinking to others but anticipation is more important to protect ourselves,  to keep our/family honour.  It also depends on how  we are, can be influenced easily or not.

Based on what I have discussed above  we should avoid going to discotheque These are steps to do to prevent ourselves from  coming to discotheque. Firstly, doing better things in our leisure time . It is  a right way and good decision  because going to discotheque is wasting money for admission or drinking and else. The better things  to do are: tidying up our study room, reading good novels or comics, and so on. Secondly, it is better to meet  friends at  restaurant, coffee shop, etc. It is  safer location than discotheque and has different atmosphere . And finally, avoid friends who prefer to go to discotheque. If one of them persuade you to go to there,  we should  say no directly and politely , because we must not hurt  their feelings.

Now, that we know  the dangers of  discotheque, are we going there or  are we planning to go  there? It is our choice, we are the boss . But do not forget that all of  us are the  next generation who will be responsible to develop our nation to have better future. Discotheque is dangerous because it has more dissadvantages  than the advantages for us.


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