The Kitchen Boy


One summer’s day, a young man and a dwarf came to the castle of King Arthur. The young man was tall and strong but he was poorly dressed. He begged King Arthur to give him and the dwarf food for one year. Some of King Arthur’s knights laughed at the poorly dressed young man and they sent him to work in the kitchen.

A year passed. One day a beautiful young lady swept into the hall of King Arthur’s castle.

“Your Majesty, I have come to you for help,” she said.

“My sister is a prisoner in the castle of the Red knight. The Red Knight is a evil and he is as strong as seven men. I ask only for one good knight to save my sister.”

The young man from the kitchen stepped forward. Then, he knelt before the King Arthur.


“Your Majesty, you have given me food for a year. Let me serve you by saving this lady’s sister. Let me rescue your sister, My Lady.”

“Mercy on me! Must I have this kitchen boy for my knight?” she shocked.

The fair lady rushed out of the castle. The kitchen boy called his dwarf to bring him a horse, a sword and a shield.

“Stop!” shouted Sir Kay, a strong and proud knight.

“You are only a kitchen boy, not worthly to be the Lady’s knight. Who are you anyway? What is your name, fellow?”

“I am Gareth of Orkney,” the kitchen boy replied.

“Let’s have a duel with me!” was the reply for Gareth’s answer.

At this, Sir Kay mounted his horse, grabbed his sword and rode straight towards the kitchen boy. But the boy struck Sir Kay with his sword. It was such a strong blow that Sir Kay fell off his horse.

King Arthur and his knights cheered the boy.

“You have fought well,” King Arthur said.


“I will knight you here and now. Tell me your name and family.”

“I am Gareth of Orkney, your nephew. I worked in the kitchen so that I might know who my true friends are.”

“Very wise of you,” laughed King Arthur. “I hereby knight you Sir Gareth of Orkney.”

Sir Gareth looked for the lady. He found her in a field guarded by a knight in black armor riding a black horse. Sir Gareth  then fought the black knight. He could beat him. He even took the knight’s balck horse. Then, he rode behind the lady.

“Away, kitchen boy!” she cried.

“You washer of dirty plates and spoons! The next knight will kill you!”

Then, they came to another field guarded by a knight in a blue armor riding a white horse.

“You are not allowed to cross this field unless you fight me,” said the blue knight.


The two knights and their horses charged against each other. Sir Garedth coul knok the blue knight off his horse. He took the blue knight’s horse and rode after the proud lady.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“I called you names and treated you shamefully and yet you follow me.”

“I am Gareth of Orkney.”

“I am Linette. Please forgive me, Sir Gareth,” said the lady.

“With all my heart, Lady Linette,” replied the gallant knight.

Linette and Sir Gareth then rode together until they came to the castle of the Red Knight. Outside the castle there was a horn hanging one the tree.

“If any knight blows the horn on the tree, the Red Knight will come out to do battle with him,” Linette said.

Sir Gareth blew the horn loudly. The Red Knight came out of his castle. He wore a suit of red armor. Everything about him was red even his beard was red. The two knights and their horses charged against each other. The two knights gought like two fierce lions in the sun. Then Sir Gareth lost his sword and fell to the ground.

“Get up and back to your feet. Keep fighting,” Linette shouted suddenly.

“My sister is still in prison!”


When Sir Gareth heard this, he grabbed his sword and leapt to his feet. He charged at the Red Knight and struck such a mighty blow that his enemy fell to the ground. Sir Gareth pointed his sword at the Red Knight’s heart.

“Do you surrender? Will you free Lady Linette’s sister?” Sir Gareth asked the Red Knight.

“Yes, I give you my word.”

And the Red Knight kept his word. Later, Sir Gareth took Lady Linette and her sister back to their home safely.

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